Sunday, September 30, 2012

OOTD>Domino Dollhouse Pop Up

YAY!  The day finally arrived and the Domino Dollhouse Pop Up Shop Event was a hit.

Hat: Sweet Leigh
Vest: Domino Dollhouse
Leggings: Domino Dollhouse
Shoes: Target

I had so much fun and I have so much more to share about it.  Stay tuned!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

OOTD>my cosmic high lows

SOOOO, I haven't posted in forever.  But I have been busy.  I am the Editor in Chief of Skorch Magazine now and LOVE IT!  In fact, my second magazine was just published.  So fun. 

Check it out!

Open publication - Free publishing - More rebecca field

Ok, on to my OOTD.  Yes, I had a mini photo shoot with my bestie Tamara (who is freaking drop dead gorgeous!) 

I wore my new Domino Dollhouse high low skirt, Forever 21 cosmic button up that in no way buttoned, and my Lane Bryant Flats.  I haven't really been wearing too many blog worthy clothes lately and when I do. No picture, so I apologize.  

But what do you think? 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

OOTD> Urban Mermaid

As you may or may not know I am an official Domino Doll.  I work there and I love it.  So much fun! I have also been lucky enough to see and wear the new collection. Some of my items are samples and some are available for purchase.  Let me just tell you, the Urban Mermaid collection blew my fucking mind.  My favorite pieces are the Maxi (coming soon), the pink floral bustier (doesn't fit :( ), all the skirts (pictured), and the accessories (pictured).  I also love love love my sheer striped chiffon top that is coming soon. Normally, if it doesn't stretch it does not fit my chest, this shirt however fits with room to spare.  Super over sized and super cute.  

My first outfit post I am wearing the top, the vest, the skirt, and the armor necklace.  SO SO obsessed.  My only regret of the outfit it my picture quality, my hair, and the fact that I changed out of my leggings and into bike shorts after the pic.  The leggings are not meant for the

 So, obviously you need to check out and buy the new collection. It is coming out in 3 parts.  Each part is amazing. Check it out at Domino Dollhouse and I can't wait to see how everyone puts their outfits together.  Email me at to show me your pics and tell me about your blog.

Tiff xxoo

A Big Girl's Night Out

Some big girls may or may not know that there are clubs dedicated to size acceptance.  It is a great place to dance, wear your shortest skirt, and know that you are in a safe and friendly environment.  Now I have seen programs, I have heard comments, and I have witnessed the fact that some big girls look down at big girl clubs.  I say to each its own.  But in the same way that I like going to gay bars, I like going to big girl clubs.  I have been going to Club Bounce off and on for 6 years.  My blog is not so much a blog about fat rants or drama but fashion and GIRLS let me tell you there are some fierce fashions going on in these big girl clubs.  I am about to get a bit picture heavy but I wanted to showcase some of the styles I have seen at Club Bounce.

I was invited to attend Bounce's 8 year anniversary by stylish owner Lisa Marie.  She pulled out all the stops: Red Carpet, Candy Bar, Black and White Party, TV crew, and tuxedo cake pops!  The styling was amazing that night.  I of course went with an all black number, a tight mini dress from curvygirlclothing a million years ago and my favorite sequins blazer from Simply Be.  I also tried some Katie Perry false eyelashes...bam...

Dressing for a club is so fun for me because I tend to love the glam styles.







So FUN (need to learn to sit like a lady)
That all being said, I would give going to a big girl club a chance before making an opinion.  Check out Club Bounce.  It is a great place to let loose and show off some of your most daring fashions!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Loopy over Karmaloop

I often think if I ever stumbled upon a giant pile of money how fast I could spend it.  Well I think 5 minutes is the appropriate answer.  I have always had an unhealthy love affair with karmaloop.  Karmaloop does not offer plus sizes...sizeists! But their shoes and accessories make me weak in the knees.  Now I literally could have posted like 500 things I want from Karmaloop, but I am only listing the things I would get if I had some expendable money right now.  

I have been dying for two big ticket priced item things...a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's and a pair of Dr. Marten.  I    have done some research and heard the Lita bootie is pretty comfortable.  So naturally, I want a Lita Boot.  

The glitter black would be my first choice.  I would also get a pair of Dr. Martens in a mens because I am a woman's 11 and Dr. Marten doesn't make an 11 for women.  


Ok so now just some random photos of everything else I want from Karmaloop. Keep in mind friends, other than the shoes all the accessories are under $40.00!

I also would be so psyched for those flamingo earrings!  I really want this flamingo top from Asos 
and I could dress all in flamingo!!! Hot Pink mini skirt...oh and the multi glitter jeffrey cambell's!   

what do you think? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

OOTD> Another Simply Be>Peplum Style

Hi Everyone.

I have so much exciting news I can't even stand it. First, I am Skorch Magazine's best dressed. (yay) and I know this may seem like an odd segue but I was also promoted to Skorch Magazine's Editor in Chief.  The two are unrelated, so before you start thinking it, I didn't pick myself to be the best dressed.  hehe. 

Now on to the outfit.  I mentioned in my last post that I made a big purchase at Simply Be.  Well one of the items was this AMAZING Peplum dress.  I absolutely LOVE it. I felt sexy, elegant, and trendy. ( hums to myself...these are a few of my favorite things) 

For any girls that have been contemplating getting anything Peplum, I highly recommend it.  There is something so feminine about having the little extra flare around your hips.  I paired this dress with a Forever 21 sheer leopard half cardigan thing.  I also was brave and skipped nylons/leggings and had my legs out.  I was in Palm Springs, so to wear any clothes at all was WARM.  I also wore my trusty Torrid wedges.  I was at a Casino so I needed to able to walk in my shoes and my torrid wedges are so comfortable.  

Dress: Simply Be
Jacket/Shrug: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Torrid (similar)

What do you think?