Friday, February 24, 2012

Skater Dress Craves

One of my favorite items to shop for are skater dresses. I have had a hard time finding them in the U.S. but now that sites like Evans, Simply Be, and Asos ship to the United States, my luck has changed.  Now, you might be wondering what is the difference between a skater dress and just a normal dress.  It all comes down to the cut.  I think I am a big fan, because I am such a 90's fashion fan.  The skater dresses are very reminiscent of the baby doll dresses that were popular in the 90's.  The dresses tend to be 3/4 sleeve, somewhat empire waist, free- flowing throughout the body of the dress, and should hit a couple inches above the knee (give or take).  I think I love the way the dresses tend to fit me.  They are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down.

I have made several outfit ideas based around 4 skater dresses that I am in love with right now.

1. One stop plus tights
2. Floral doc martens
3. Simply Be Skater dress
4. Domino Dollhouse petticoat
5. Forever 21 Crown
1. Forever 21 Fur Vest
2. Patricia Field Bow
3. Simply Be Skater Dress
4. Torrid Leggings
5. Jeffrey Cambell Booties

1. One Stop Plus DARK black tights
2. Red Platforms Asos
3. Asos Curve Skater Dress
4. Bow Tie (can be found anywhere really)
5. Asos White Clutch

1. Nerd Frames
2. Simply Be Tuxedo Jacket (fav purchase of 2012)
3. Asos Skater Dress
4.  One Stop Plus Tights
5. Yellow Platforms

Yellow Button Earrings from Chubby Cartwheels
Black Petticoat Domino Dollhouse
So, do you love it? Now if only I could own all of these items.  Then I would be set.  Let me know what you think? Do you love the dresses? How would you wear them?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hard Candy Haul

I would like to start out with a bit of depressing news.  I did a Haul Video and it totally didn't work.  The video was 8 minutes, only 1:20 actually recorded and the frames were behind.  So video fail all around.  I took some pictures of this amazing Hard Candy make-up I got at Wal-mart...yes, that is right...wal-mart.  I went a bit crazy but everything was so cheap.  Below are my pictures along with the product pictures and links.  

 no particular order:

1.  Glow all the way $8.00 
2.  Concealer $6.00

All the other items are not listed on 

It is so frustrating because in the video I reviewed all the make-up...ughhh!! but to sum it up, the make-up is excellent.  great packaging and great quality.  the shadows are super pigmented and come out the color they look. The glitter shadows do not blend so be wary of that.  My biggest complaint is the lipgloss does not come out the color you see.  It is very clear.  

Well, I hope you guys can make it out to Wal-mart and cash in on these make-up finds.  You will love it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Behind the scenes at Domino Dollhouse

I once again had the pleasure of attending a Domino Dollhouse photo shoot. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, what a perfect way to introduce a lingerie collection.  I am always impressed with Domino Dollhouse's creative and innovative style but would this translate to lingerie?  The answer is yes. The collection includes amazing shapewear, bras, panties, and yes corsets.  These corsets are to die for.  They are sturdy and adorable.  It was a breath of fresh air seeing the great quality of these corsets...I guarantee you will be impressed.  

Michele Muerte photography did an excellent job at shooting the two beautiful models, Rayna Salcido and Tess Munster.  They are truly gems in the plus size modelling world.  I commend Domino Dollhouse for using models that are not 5'11 and a size 10.  It is beneficial to me, the customer, seeing what the clothes are going to look like on someone closer to my size, or in my opinion even actually plus size.  Once again, Domino Dollhouse is on the cutting edge of fashion and will feed any curvy girls trendy hunger. 

Here are some behind the scene pictures. 

Don't forget to visit Domino Dollhouse and check out their new collection.