Thursday, June 23, 2011

My date with Domino Dollhouse

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Domino Dollhouse’s very first exclusive collection photo shoot, Make Out Circus. The collection is a breath of fresh air in the plus size fashion community.  The clothes are unique, kitschy, and sweet.  With the name of the collection dubbed Make Out Circus, it is indeed sealed with a kiss. 

I got to sit down and chat with owner of this Southern California local plus size clothing store, Tracy Broxterman and pick her brain about her amazing style.

Tiffany: Congratulations on your new collection, what is the purpose of the shoot?
Tracy: To show off the new exclusive domino dollhouse collection.

Tiffany: How long has this collection been in the works?
Tracy: Since November of 2010.

Tiffany:  Tell me about your personal style.
Tracy: I have always been a gothic girl at heart and this collection has some of that influence. I also don’t follow any of the plus size clothing rules and you will see lots of horizontal stripes and bright bold colors.

Tiffany: Where have you noticed a lot of Domino Dollhouse’s success has come from?
Tracy: A lot of the success has been from bloggers, especially Pocket Rocket and Fat Nurse.

Tiffany: What are your long term plans with Domino Dollhouse?
Tracy: I would love to open up a physical store and do a darker more gothic collection. It is frustrating working with vendors, so I would love to have the store be exclusively my collections.

On this exclusive, behind the scenes photo shoot, professionalism and friendliness were not lacking.  The photographer Shannon Brooke Imagery was kind and creative.  She took beautiful photographs showcasing the clothing and the models, Tess Munster and Rayna Salcido. Tracy Broxterman also didn’t play by the plus size fashion rules when booking these models, because each are above industry standard size, with Tess Munster proud of her 5’4 size 20 figure.  These models are undoubtedly some of the most gorgeous in the plus size world. Helping along the way was the fabulous make- up artistry of Natasha Marcelina. Natasha provided two different make-up looks for each model which aided in the allure of the models. Lastly, the hair and styling was as flawless as the collection, Frankie Sin, an adorable model herself, provided Tess and Rayna with their striking locks and put together their no excuse fashionable looks.  Each of these Domino Dollhouse team members made this collection something to talk about and more importantly something to get your wallet out for.

Domino Dollhouse sets you apart, no holds bar, plays by no fashion rules, and certainly makes no excuses no matter what size you are. 

Check out some of my favorite looks exclusively from Domino Dollhouse!

To see all the behind the scene photos, click here. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OOTD>The Beach

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my outfit I wore to Huntington beach this past Sunday.  My husband and I went there for my Aunts birthday.  We went to this ddeeeeellish restaurant called Tuna Town.  California is such a sushi obsessed state.  

Anyways, I wore this new maxi dress I picked up at target and I love it.  You can do so much with basic black and white stripes.  I know that big girls aren't supposed to wear horizontal stripes, but I follow my own rules when it comes to fashion.  I wanted to take the dress down more of a boho road, so I paired it with a mustard colored sweater from alloy and a turquoise necklace I got as a gift from india. I also wore my uggs because they are so comfortable and it was a bit of walking. 

Hope you like the pics:

For my make-up that day, I used my naked palette from urban decay on my eyes. I did heavy eyeliner around my entire eye. I then took a turquoise eye shadow and dabbed it above the eyeliner on top and then below the eyeliner on bottom.  I used a gold bronzer as my blush and my favorite new lipstick which is the nude color off lady gaga's viva glam line for MAC. Unless it is a very special occasion, I don't wear face make-up, i.e. foundation and powder, so some of my skin impurities show.

For my hair, I just did a side braid and straightened the bangs. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nordstrom Haul and OOTD...grrrrrrrrr

Hiya! I wanted to share my recent MAC purchases that I am very excited to wear and use on photo shoots.  Here are some snapshots of my purchases and I also show you them in this video.

I NEVER buy shoes, but lately I have been loving the shoes that are available. I  am a complete KLUTZ with heels, and the trend now are platforms which I can totally wear.  Check out the Steve Madden shoes I purchased. 

Finally, I wanted to share my outfit I wore shopping.  I wore the tiger maxi dress from torrid and the forever 21 sheer blouse.  I paired a gold tiger necklace with the dress, some gold earrings and my gold uggs. What do you think?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I want...5 minutes ago.

I have been eyeing some serious stuff lately.  Unfortunately, I am broke as a joke, so I will have to live vicariously through my dreams.  

Here are some of the items on my wish list. 

Send me a comment if you are wondering where to get these awesome items!