Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OOTD>The Beach

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my outfit I wore to Huntington beach this past Sunday.  My husband and I went there for my Aunts birthday.  We went to this ddeeeeellish restaurant called Tuna Town.  California is such a sushi obsessed state.  

Anyways, I wore this new maxi dress I picked up at target and I love it.  You can do so much with basic black and white stripes.  I know that big girls aren't supposed to wear horizontal stripes, but I follow my own rules when it comes to fashion.  I wanted to take the dress down more of a boho road, so I paired it with a mustard colored sweater from alloy and a turquoise necklace I got as a gift from india. I also wore my uggs because they are so comfortable and it was a bit of walking. 

Hope you like the pics:

For my make-up that day, I used my naked palette from urban decay on my eyes. I did heavy eyeliner around my entire eye. I then took a turquoise eye shadow and dabbed it above the eyeliner on top and then below the eyeliner on bottom.  I used a gold bronzer as my blush and my favorite new lipstick which is the nude color off lady gaga's viva glam line for MAC. Unless it is a very special occasion, I don't wear face make-up, i.e. foundation and powder, so some of my skin impurities show.

For my hair, I just did a side braid and straightened the bangs. 


  1. You look gorgeous. I love this outfit! Great colours with the striped dress. And your make-up, as always, is flawless. Cute hubby, too ;)

    xoxo Rikke

  2. Beautiful! You looked even more awesome in person. Eye makeup colors were perfect.

  3. I can't find this dreesssssss!!! :( you look so gorg, I want it now, lol!

  4. Jessica,

    I went to target today and they had loads of them. I think the trick is to go to one that usually carries a lot of plus size clothes. If you wanted I could pick it up for you and ship it to you too. <3

  5. Wow,you're really gorgeous. I love your pics. I've been in love with you. Today I am your admirer.

  6. That dress is gorgeous on you! I want to see about getting one now :)