Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girls 'Big' Night Out!

I have only been blogging for a very short time, but I have been reading blogs for a while.  I have read a couple of fellow plus size women saying pretty negative things about size acceptance clubs.  I want to provide my take and my experience.  First and foremost, you make your own happiness. I have been going to Size Acceptance clubs for a long time and I have fun EVERY time.  I tend to have fun wherever I go.  I surround myself with good people and make my own happy situations.  ANYWAYS, Club Bounce is a night club for the big and beautiful located in Long Beach.  It is really great because it is definitely a night club atmosphere.  More importantly it is an empowering situation for big girls. It is an opportunity for plus size men and women to go into a relaxed environment and be surrounded with fellow plus size people or size friendly individuals.  

Now, I am not here to get into a debate of any sort.  I am merely giving my experience.  I have always enjoyed getting ready and seeing my fellow gorgeous big beautiful women dressed up and enjoying themselves as well.  The fashions I have seen at Club Bounce have been sexy, creative, and trendy.  The beautiful Lisa Marie, that runs Club Bounce has enforced a dress code, which also brings a new level of class.  It is a similar environment to any night club you might go to with people dressed to impressed.

Me and Lisa Marie

This weekend I went with my two gorgeous girlfriends.  We had a "get ready" party at their house and enjoyed getting all dolled up for our big night out.  We met up with Lisa Marie at the club for a couple of photo ops and got some great pics for my blog!

My outfit was a combination of many outfits.  I wore a leopard print dress that I purchased from torrid a while back, and a skirt that I bought on and made a dress out of it.  Because the dress was a sweetheart neckline, I wanted to make it look like a leopard bustier.  I tied the dress together with a sequin belt from torrid, and my FAVORITE cropped blazer from torrid.  I wore a red necklace that I made for a pop of color and my cute wedges from torrid.  

I finally got the chance to use my new naked palette from Urban Decay.  I did a combination of almost every color in the palette to create a pin up smokey eye.  I used false lashes and my Kohl eyeliner from MAC.  For my face, I used my stila bronzer to provide the shading effect and then a peachy red Mac blush for the apples of my cheeks. I then took my Redd lip liner from MAC, heavily lined my lips and used a bit of my cranberry lip stain from stila to get the shine.  

Just a close up for make up reasons

I urge any woman or man to check out the club and make their own decision.  It is a great place to let loose, have yummy drinks,  and dance to awesome music (sidenote, bounce has the best sound system and DJ I have heard in all the places I have been to in Orange County and LA).  

Everyone is always friendly, the clothes are always HOT.
It is a great place to check out and see what the other girls outfits are like and be surrounded by people that have confidence and are there to show it off!

Check out Club Bounce for more information or check out their facebook page:  Club Bounce (facebook)



Spring 2011 looks like its going to be a very colorful season! One of my favorite stores is Miss Phit.  The store's clothing is a lot more on point with trends than your average plus size store.  I am very excited about their new pieces and decided to make a couple of outfit ideas out of them.  A hot trend right now is mixing florals with stripes and nudes.  

All the clothing pieces are strictly from Miss Phit and all the accessories are from Forever 21, including shoes.  All the outfits are very reasonably priced and are sized a bit bigger than Junior Plus.  For example a 1X miss phit tends to fit like a forever 21 3X.  The other thing I love about Miss Phit most of their clothes are made with stretchy material.  With myself being top heavy, I need the stretch or nothing would fit. 

I hope you like the outfits I put together and if I wasn't on a budget right now, I would be snagging all these pieces up! Please, please, please, tell me what you think? 



In addition to these clothes being can find the clothing in stores all over the world.

Check it out:  Miss Phit in Stores!

The best jacket in the world

One of the highlights of my 2011 has been that a vintage jacket I bought almost 10 years ago, I thought I lost, I recently found. (YAY)  I have been obsessed with sequins for over 10 years...can you believe it?!  At 10 years ago that would put me at the ripe age of 16.  When I was 16, I didn't really have the guts to wear this jacket. After I found it, I have been counting down the days until I could wear it.  What more of a perfect occasion than my engagement party?  I  found the best way to piece my outfit together, had it all planned out...then came the day of the party (insert , disappointment sound here).  It was at my house, talk about stressful! I got to wear the outfit, but I didn't to do my hair, finish my make-up or TAKE PICTURES.  There are very few pics of me, I will post what I have, but I apologize.

The jacket is a vintage 80's piece.  It cost me $90.00 at the time.  It is only a size 18, so I had to rip out some of the lining.  The colors are all in the blue family, cascading all the way to black.  It is pure sequin and has massive shoulder pads.

I wore a blue v-neck top that I purchased at about 5 years ago.  It had the light color of blue that was in the jacket.  On the bottom I wore my black bodycon skirt from the pure energy line at Target and a pair of tights from

For my make-up I got to play with my favorite eyeshadow colors of blue. They are my absolute favorite colors to use and especially when I can do a blueish black smokey eye.  I also got to use these great false eyelashes.  I wasn't able to get my cheeks or lips how I would have liked them, but nonetheless, the eyes came out exactly as I had hoped.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hellz Bellz styling

I saw this video and the styling literally knocked me off my feet.  At the end of the video it gives credit to the fabulous hellz bellz styling.  My hope is to knock peoples socks off too with my styling.  I hope you enjoy! 

 Also check out Hellz Bellz for some awesome editorials. 

A week off...judgment of paris

Sorry it has been about a week since I have posted.  My Knight has been in town.  I also, sadly don't have a lot of pictures to report.  I do want to share something that really made my day.  The nice gentleman over at judgment of paris did a write up on me and my blog.  I definitely wanted to share.  

Tiffany Kaelin on Judgment of Paris

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kardashian's swing and a miss

I would first like to preface this by saying, "in my opinion" but yes...In my opinion the Kardashian's new line of plus size clothing was a big fail.  There are pieces that are always a dreaded no-no in the plus size fashion world. Things that we could find at any store that carries plus.  My first AWFUL piece was this top:

This is basically just a lifeless shirt that has no special cut or shape.  The 2nd piece that I am going to complain about is this dress.  I am a fan of a fancy shoulder on a dress but this sort of looks like the shoulder pad popped out of the seam and that was it.  There is no detail or no additions except a cheap looking extra piece of material:

Now on to the good news.  There were a couple of pieces that would be a saving grace for these Kardashian sisters.  If it is one thing that these girls do well it is layering.  They seem to always have great pieces of clothing that they mix and match with other pieces to make a cute outfit. Here are a few items that would be a nice piece in the making a cute outfit puzzle. 

On top of these moderately average pieces being, well, moderately average, they are very over priced.  I feel like they may have thought if you throw the Kardashian label on the clothes that they will be purchased.  Not in my case.  Outside of one or two items, these clothes can be found anywhere, and for a lot cheaper.  If you would like to check out more of the K-Dash clothes check out: K-Dash by Kardashian

Saturday, January 8, 2011

a bad post...but a post

Hey all, sorry this post is pretty pathetic but I have been pretty sick.  I went for sushi (go figure) and ended up getting really sick.  After sushi, my friend and I went to the beach which I love at night and took some photos.  My outfit was pretty casual, but I love my scarf and I love purple and green together. I also wore this shirt/tunic thing I bought at target that reminded me of the 90's when lingerie was acceptable to wear out in public.  It is a sheer, prairie, anne of green gables crap but I like taking that stuff and pairing it with heavier goth-ier colors.  Again, I apologize my pics aren't great.  I did my make-up with green and purple smoky eye, and a heavy bronze on the cheek.  For my lip, if you can believe it, the color is a silver gloss. The color is by MAC and it is called Best of Breed.  For the accessories, I wrapped a headband around my wrist, so it looked like a corsage (macy's) and I wore a ring from lane bryant.  For any girl that has chubby not wear lane bryants stretch rings.  They are TERRIBLE.  I lost circulation after about 3 minutes.  The ring will stretch and fit but then it grips on you like an anaconda until all your blood is ready to pop through your finger nails.  Can you tell I feel pretty strongly about it? 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Knight in shining armor. (plus a lil fat girl rant)

So many of us big girls think that good looking great guys are just an unfathomable possibility.  In fact, I personally know some that are afraid of even going into a club that doesn't specialize in bigger women.  This is no way to be!! I met my now wonderful fiancĂ© in a bar that mostly only guys with popped colors and sideways red sox hats go to. Not that there is anything wrong with a meathead every now and again, I just wouldn't marry a meat head.

Look...swoon..isn't he handsome?  On top of my very own Knight...(his last name is Knight...get it, get it ;) )he is an amazing man.  A man that loves me unconditionally, has a great job, great family, smart, and a sexy strong body.  Sorry if this embarrasses you honey! 

My point is this, ladies...there is no reason to settle.  There is no reason to avoid any bar/club that isn't size specific.  My friend made a very good point the other day, there is an abundance of good men that like bigger women, it is just getting them to be OK with the fact that they like bigger women.  This very same friend has dated a hottie a time or two as well.  

At the end of the day, what makes you a strong confident woman is not the man (or woman) you have in your life, it is that you have confidence, class, and can make all of your own decisions without a glimmer of doubt.  The rest of it just sort of falls into place.  I was at a place in my life where I knew that I deserved an amazing man like Mr. Knight and I deserved all the love he had to give me.  I haven't turned back since and we are now engaged to be married.  When you love yourself it is so much easier to let love in.  My last piece of advice is this...PAY ATTENTION TO THE RED FLAGS.  Don't make exceptions for yourself, when you start doing that, that is when you lose yourself and lose your self confidence.  BE STRONG LADIES!

I leave you with some pictures of my cute little pudding pie. 

Sleigh Bells

Nothing inspires me more than music.  When I hear a song that I like, I automatically envision a music video in my head.  This song inspires the crap out of me.  So much so that I am going to get a crew together and film a mini music video to it.  I see so much neon and so much Andy Warhol inspiration.  I hope you love this song, I do.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome To The Fatwalk

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome to my blog on the fatwalk.  As you can see I have been posting a ton.  Before I announced that I had a blog, I wanted there to be a bunch of content.  My goal was to set it up so that it was all ready for January 1st and I did it...yay!  I have been wanting some sort of creative outlet for a very long time

A little bit about me.  I have been overweight my whole life and have always had a passion for fashion.  For as long as I can remember I have been dressing and doing my make up a little bit left of center.  I can go on and on about all the crazy things I have worn throughout the years but one thing that has always stuck is my love for SEQUINS and really anything that sparkles and shines.  I am 26 years old and am a plus size model. I had been living in Boston for the last couple of years and I am now back living in Southern California, where I am from. My fiance is from England and is living there at the moment, so I have 3 different time zones influencing my fashion. A whole new door was opened to me when I discovered Evans, Asos, and Simply Be.  I run all different sizes and one of my biggest problems is the fact that I am very large chested and tend not to fit in anything that doesn't stretch.  But, I do not let it stop me.  If I am really in love with something that doesn't fit, I have no problem busting out the scissors and cutting it until it does. 

One of the other things that I got into when I started modeling was make up and styling.  On my first photo shoot ever, I ended up styling and doing the make up of a couple of the other models that were there and it just stuck.  I have styled and done make up for many different things since then with most of my clients being plus size.  Making sure the world is a big beautiful place is a passion of mine and its something I love to do. 

I really hope you all enjoy my blog, and I hope that I can inspire many with my love for plus size fashion.

Fashion Spotlight

One of my favorite Fashionista's is Sarah Jessica Parker.  I completely believe that just because you are plus size doesn't mean dressing like a star is impossible.  Here is one of my top looks from Sarah Jessica and I have found all the key pieces you need to make this look a possibility.

3 days of 1 boot

For Christmas my grandmother got me a pair of Gold Sequin Uggs.  I generally am not one to love Uggs...they are kind of on the same level as crocs to me.  Despite my feelings, I can't resist ghetto gold and I certainly can't resist all ghetto gold sequins.  On top of being obnoxiously flashy, these boots are incredibly comfortable.  I decided to base my next three days of clothing choices around these boots.  Every outfit had a different theme and look.  

First outfit was just my casual look.  One of my other gifts was this faux leather coat from Lane Bryant.  I paired it with a black smocked top and a pair of ripped up jeggings from the target Pure Energy collection.   (I apologize for the non-standing pictures.  We haven't quite yet figured out how to get a full length picture without a staircase on my camera unless the photographer is about 10 feet away.)

I am pretty fortunate in the sense that I have a lot of accessories and quite a bit of Betsey Johnson accessories.  I live for a deal and you can usually find a great deal on Betsey accessories. Below are pics of jewelry that I wore throughout the week with my shiny new uggs. 

My next outfit was more bohemian.  I have had this great velvet shirt which I got at Lane Bryant about 6 years ago.  The bodice of it is all velvet and it has this chiffon draping.  I paired it with a black mini skirt, a pair of tights and this great motorcycle denim jacket.  For my accessories I wore my Betsey whistle necklace.

My last outfit, I unfortunately did not get a great picture of.  I was getting my hair done and was at the salon for about 4 hours and then had to do make up for someone before a new years eve party.  I took a couple pics of my hair, which I FINALLY got my highlights touched up and added some red and purple.  My make-up I mixed my own eyeshadows together so its a combination of about 5 pinkish colors.  I used Amour by Nars on my cheeks and then highlighted with my favorite, belightful.  On my lips I used one of my favorite MAC colors, Show Orchid.  It is so bright and flashy and looks great when you are trying to make a statement.