Sunday, January 30, 2011

Girls 'Big' Night Out!

I have only been blogging for a very short time, but I have been reading blogs for a while.  I have read a couple of fellow plus size women saying pretty negative things about size acceptance clubs.  I want to provide my take and my experience.  First and foremost, you make your own happiness. I have been going to Size Acceptance clubs for a long time and I have fun EVERY time.  I tend to have fun wherever I go.  I surround myself with good people and make my own happy situations.  ANYWAYS, Club Bounce is a night club for the big and beautiful located in Long Beach.  It is really great because it is definitely a night club atmosphere.  More importantly it is an empowering situation for big girls. It is an opportunity for plus size men and women to go into a relaxed environment and be surrounded with fellow plus size people or size friendly individuals.  

Now, I am not here to get into a debate of any sort.  I am merely giving my experience.  I have always enjoyed getting ready and seeing my fellow gorgeous big beautiful women dressed up and enjoying themselves as well.  The fashions I have seen at Club Bounce have been sexy, creative, and trendy.  The beautiful Lisa Marie, that runs Club Bounce has enforced a dress code, which also brings a new level of class.  It is a similar environment to any night club you might go to with people dressed to impressed.

Me and Lisa Marie

This weekend I went with my two gorgeous girlfriends.  We had a "get ready" party at their house and enjoyed getting all dolled up for our big night out.  We met up with Lisa Marie at the club for a couple of photo ops and got some great pics for my blog!

My outfit was a combination of many outfits.  I wore a leopard print dress that I purchased from torrid a while back, and a skirt that I bought on and made a dress out of it.  Because the dress was a sweetheart neckline, I wanted to make it look like a leopard bustier.  I tied the dress together with a sequin belt from torrid, and my FAVORITE cropped blazer from torrid.  I wore a red necklace that I made for a pop of color and my cute wedges from torrid.  

I finally got the chance to use my new naked palette from Urban Decay.  I did a combination of almost every color in the palette to create a pin up smokey eye.  I used false lashes and my Kohl eyeliner from MAC.  For my face, I used my stila bronzer to provide the shading effect and then a peachy red Mac blush for the apples of my cheeks. I then took my Redd lip liner from MAC, heavily lined my lips and used a bit of my cranberry lip stain from stila to get the shine.  

Just a close up for make up reasons

I urge any woman or man to check out the club and make their own decision.  It is a great place to let loose, have yummy drinks,  and dance to awesome music (sidenote, bounce has the best sound system and DJ I have heard in all the places I have been to in Orange County and LA).  

Everyone is always friendly, the clothes are always HOT.
It is a great place to check out and see what the other girls outfits are like and be surrounded by people that have confidence and are there to show it off!

Check out Club Bounce for more information or check out their facebook page:  Club Bounce (facebook)



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  1. Girl this blog is FABULOUS!!! I love it!! Thanks for the heads up!!!