Saturday, January 8, 2011

a bad post...but a post

Hey all, sorry this post is pretty pathetic but I have been pretty sick.  I went for sushi (go figure) and ended up getting really sick.  After sushi, my friend and I went to the beach which I love at night and took some photos.  My outfit was pretty casual, but I love my scarf and I love purple and green together. I also wore this shirt/tunic thing I bought at target that reminded me of the 90's when lingerie was acceptable to wear out in public.  It is a sheer, prairie, anne of green gables crap but I like taking that stuff and pairing it with heavier goth-ier colors.  Again, I apologize my pics aren't great.  I did my make-up with green and purple smoky eye, and a heavy bronze on the cheek.  For my lip, if you can believe it, the color is a silver gloss. The color is by MAC and it is called Best of Breed.  For the accessories, I wrapped a headband around my wrist, so it looked like a corsage (macy's) and I wore a ring from lane bryant.  For any girl that has chubby not wear lane bryants stretch rings.  They are TERRIBLE.  I lost circulation after about 3 minutes.  The ring will stretch and fit but then it grips on you like an anaconda until all your blood is ready to pop through your finger nails.  Can you tell I feel pretty strongly about it? 

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