Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An etsy a day...

Keeps the doctor least I wish!

I have been checking out more and more lately.  I must admit, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first.  You either need to know exactly what you are looking for, or take the time to browse.  In my case, I was very rewarded with an etsy seller cherry pie punk.  These pieces are not for everyone, but I am always looking for those one of kind type pieces.  Cherry pie's store is a combination of a horror comic book that crashed into Patricia Fields and came out with fun, feminine, sexy clothes.
Custom color/size tutu's

All of the clothes are so incredibly priced and get this...they go up to a 3X; BUT you can have everything custom made. With my bust, I can send in my measurements and get a piece tailored to me.  I made a collage of my favorite items and yes, NKOTB earrings!!! 

In addition to LOVING this store, the seller is super nice.  I sent her an email and she responded to me within 12 hours and that is with the time difference (Cali to England).  This store ships internationally for cheap as well.  I urge all my fatshionista friends to check this store out!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey guys!  Been a crazy busy week.  Have had some friends in from Boston, interview in LA, and a photo shoot on Thursday. I am very excited to upload those pics when I get them.  This is the outfit I wore to LA on Wednesday.  I needed to wear something "clubbish", but then for after, I threw my denim on to cas it up.  

I wore a very provocative dress that I got a while back from  The dress is cut to be open all the way down past the belly button, so I had to pin it.  I wore my denim boyfriend shirt from target over the top.  I also wore my lace leggings from torrid and my FAVORITE booties from torrid. 

I went with a brown smokey eye, which everyone has seen me do before, so I will spare you the details.  I was on camera for some of my interview and needed the drama, so that is why I chose this make-up over a black or gray smokey.  It looks better with green eyes on camera.  I wore a bunch of jewelry that day, my feather earrings from torrid, and about 50 bangles from a combination of places.  I hope you like! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cher Rue Show

Hey Everyone!

There is a brand new Talk Show launching February 9 th 6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern is geared for the Plus Size Community live on Ustream, The Cher Rue Show is a talk show, with special guests, Celebrities, Doctors, Cooking, on Location, giveaways and more. If you are Plus size, have a family member or friend this is the show for you.
Cher has been involved in the BBW Community for over 13 years and is a advocate for her fellow BBW's and Admirer's. Her involvement with Hollywood and Charity events has introduced her to some great people and she wants to share fun ideas with you!  You will be able to chat in the Chat room live with others watching the show and interact with Cher herself.
For more information on the show and Cher, go to
Cher is a great representative of the plus size community and a her show will be amazing!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


For my OOTD, I was very inspired by Brigitte Bardot's make up.  A very heavy eye-liner and nude lips, with some heavy upper lip liner.  
Certain things, I modified and toned down, but I think I got the idea.  Ok, so make-up break down.  This was a really quick and easy look to obtain.  I used my MAC Kohl eye liner and heavily went around my entire eye bringing it into a very light cat eye.  I almost covered my whole lid in eyeliner.  I then took an angled eyeliner brush and dipped it in my MAC Carbon and went over the top of the eyeliner with the brush.  I used this to smooth out the eyeliner and even it out.  I then took my MAC nylon and used my angled eyeliner brush again and went right over the top of the eye line again.  I then used Nylon on the rest of my entire eye. I took a very dark brown shadow and used that to fill in my eyebrows.   For my lips, I took my Spice lip liner from MAC and went around my entire lips, then back around on the top lip.  I then took my $0.99 wetnwild concealer and used that to blend the lip liner in to the lip. Next, I took a lip brush and used my MAC frou frou lipstick to fill in the rest of the lip.  Frou Frou is a very white/nude shimmer lip stick color.  For my cheeks, I used MAC belightful for shimmer and mixed that with NARS orgasm.  That is it!  It only took me about 15 minutes.  

The skirt is really difficult to see in the pictures, so here it is. 
I was pretty casual with my outfit...well casual for me.  I wore my gray cocoon sweater which is so comfortable and a nice heather gray.  On top, I got this really cool white studded shirt from the Macy's INC collection.  It is a little sheer (oops).  I then wore my torrid body con gray skirt and a pair of leggings.  The skirt is cool because it looks like twill and is very stretchy.  For jewelry, of course my beautiful engagement ring, and the some white and silver drop earrings that I picked up in LA for $1.00 and a big studded bangle.  

I hope you all like it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kelly Osbourne~Style Star

I wanted to quickly do another addition of a celebrities fashion that has been catching my eye lately.  You do not need to be a size 2 to get celebrity fashion.  Here are 3 of Kelly's looks lately and how you can get the look in plus size. 

1. Simply Be Lace Dress
2. Domino Dollhouse Polka Dot Skirt
3. Torrid Suede Pumps
4. Forever 21 Clutch