Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An etsy a day...

Keeps the doctor least I wish!

I have been checking out more and more lately.  I must admit, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first.  You either need to know exactly what you are looking for, or take the time to browse.  In my case, I was very rewarded with an etsy seller cherry pie punk.  These pieces are not for everyone, but I am always looking for those one of kind type pieces.  Cherry pie's store is a combination of a horror comic book that crashed into Patricia Fields and came out with fun, feminine, sexy clothes.
Custom color/size tutu's

All of the clothes are so incredibly priced and get this...they go up to a 3X; BUT you can have everything custom made. With my bust, I can send in my measurements and get a piece tailored to me.  I made a collage of my favorite items and yes, NKOTB earrings!!! 

In addition to LOVING this store, the seller is super nice.  I sent her an email and she responded to me within 12 hours and that is with the time difference (Cali to England).  This store ships internationally for cheap as well.  I urge all my fatshionista friends to check this store out!