Monday, March 7, 2011

Lynda Ray Designs

Hiya! Today I am blogging about a fabulous photographer, Lynda Ray.  I used to plus size model and when I moved to Boston, I stopped modeling.  Now I am back in California, slowly making my way into modeling again. I think it is important for women of my size to model.  The industry standards for plus size models is depressing for a fatty like me.  I can't get that skinny even if I had weight loss surgery, plus I can't grow to be 5'10.  So here I am, barely 5'8, hovering around a size 24-28, and loving modeling and fashion. I am not going to stop doing what I love because of stupidity of the industry.  

Lynda Ray is a fabulous photographer to work with.  She is creative and a very hard worker.  The second you get to the studio, a sense of calm comes over you because she makes you feel that way.  Lynda got some great images.  For this shoot, I did the styling, hair, and make-up.  We got to work with some fun lighting and some fun backgrounds!

The first look I wore a tunic that I purchased at Lane Bryant.  Now, I rarely have luck at Lane Bryant, it isn't my first choice in places to go. Lately, I have been really into black and white, with a solid bold print.  Who knows, maybe I am inspired by that song, black and yellow? I wasn't having any luck finding a yellow mini skirt, so I just made an old shirt into one. 

Lane Bryant Sweater

The second outfit again was another purchase from Lane bryant (same day) and its this cool asymmetrical sweater.  I love zipper details and the sweater has a cool zipper on it.  The sequin tunic is from Evans (lovedrobe) and I got it around Christmas time.  The booties are from Payless and leggings from Torrid. 

Anyways, I hope you like the pictures. Also, lets support the plus size models that are plus size! If you think you should be modeling but know you aren't industry standard, don't let that hold you back.  We need to dominate the plus size fashion world ladies!  Please check out  It is a great way to get AWESOME pictures for your book and get the experience behind the camera.  

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