Thursday, March 17, 2011

OOTD>all dolled up.

Currently, my favorite store is domino dollhouse.  Yes, I might be biased because I had the opportunity to work with the owner on a photoshoot. (which I can't wait to get the photos so I can blog them) Nevertheless, the clothes are amazing.  I have blogged about the birthday bash dress before and now I am blogging about a cute top I purchased called the pucker up top in back and white.  This top is great because the bust is smocked.  So it virtually stretches to many sizes.  I also bought a pair of torrid moto boots which I haven't blogged yet.  They are so comfortable!! I love finding comfortable, stylish shoes.

Top: Domino Dollhouse
Jacket: Lane Bryant
Skirt, leggings, boots: Torrid

My make-up wasn't as great as I want.  I am not feeling great and I think you can tell.  I used my favorite pink lipstick from MAC called Show Orchid. I started making my own feather earrings and you can kind of see them in these pics.  

Please, check out domino dollhouse. It is a great site that offers amazing plus size clothing options.  It isn't all strictly jr. plus either.  they have many cute things in womens sizes up to a 28.  I can't wait to share more of my domino dollhouse treasures with everyone.



  1. that top is awesome! I have always wanted to wear a strapless top like that but never have, mostly because iw ould have to buy a new bra. Lol. Maybe this is the summer i'll try it. And those boots...envy! I have such a hard time buying boots. The ones you got are super cute. Your whole outfit is super cute

  2. I love domino dollhouse. my theory with strapless tops is that if you wear a jacket or something then no strapless bra is necessary. it is almost impossible for me to wear a strapless, so I don't. It doesn't stop me from wearing cute tops! do it girl.

    thanks for the compliments.

  3. Well you look great and the lipstick colour is gorgeous on you! I can never carry off such lip colours with aplomb!

  4. miss merry traveller:

    I can definitely see you rocking a red lip. something like russian red from MAC.

    If we were closer, I would love to do your make-up.

  5. i love the pose with your toast spread apart and puckered lips. Girl you so fly!!!