Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey guys!  Been a crazy busy week.  Have had some friends in from Boston, interview in LA, and a photo shoot on Thursday. I am very excited to upload those pics when I get them.  This is the outfit I wore to LA on Wednesday.  I needed to wear something "clubbish", but then for after, I threw my denim on to cas it up.  

I wore a very provocative dress that I got a while back from  The dress is cut to be open all the way down past the belly button, so I had to pin it.  I wore my denim boyfriend shirt from target over the top.  I also wore my lace leggings from torrid and my FAVORITE booties from torrid. 

I went with a brown smokey eye, which everyone has seen me do before, so I will spare you the details.  I was on camera for some of my interview and needed the drama, so that is why I chose this make-up over a black or gray smokey.  It looks better with green eyes on camera.  I wore a bunch of jewelry that day, my feather earrings from torrid, and about 50 bangles from a combination of places.  I hope you like! 

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