Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD>Rainbow Bright & Tips when buying forever 21+

I have been a bit naughty lately and have had a lot of purchases.  Most of them have been from Forever 21+

I get a lot of questions about how Forever 21+ fits. The fit at forever 21, really varies.  I tend to stick to the stuff that stretches and I have no problems.  Every once in a while, I will get something and it is unusually small.   

Take this dress for instance. I bought it, fully thinking that it would be fine.  It looks like it would have a loose fit based on the way it fits the model, however, I couldn't even get the dress around my neck.   I realize that I am a fair bit bigger in certain areas then a forever 21 3X but because I have had such good luck there, I decided I needed to order it.

So here are my tips for buying forever 21+...especially if you are bigger than a size 20W.

1. If you can, get to the store and try things on.
2. Forever 21 does not offer full refunds, only store order wisely.
3. Things tend to fit like a normal Junior Plus Size item, so if you normally can't wear Junior Plus, certain things may not fit.
4. Try and order things that have stretch fabric.  ( this dress did not stretch and therefore a 3X fit like an 18W)
5. Check out how it fits on the model.  If it looks long on the model, it will probably be a bigger fitting item.
6. Lastly, don't be afraid to try, if you are on outside range of Jr. Plus items fitting, don't think that everything won't fit.  I missed out on a lot of really cute items thinking they wouldn't fit, when a lot of Forever 21+ items are generously sized.  

I leave you with my OOTD.  This sweater was purchased from Forever 21 and totally inspired me to wear bright things.

I paired this sweater with a black fringe dress, tons of rainbow jewelry, and purple tights.  


  1. thanks for your tips, because I was seriously about to order some stuff from there..and i love those earrings darling!! :o)

  2. oh I love that sweater! I'm going to check the website out now!

  3. SO BRIGHT AND FUN! You are 88898332342093840239842 shades of hotness.