Monday, January 16, 2012

OOTD> Isle days

I got this sweater as a Christmas gift and I love it. The colors are so vibrant.  I am really loving neon and Forever 21 is the best plays to treat my neon fever.  I am however so bummed this sweater isn't listed online. It must be in stores only, but trust me, it is well worth the trip.  

I paired the sweater with a pair of INC leggings from Macy's, over the knee Torrid boots, and one of my favorite pieces from Target, a tunic with lace details.  I wore a hot pink cross necklace from Forever 21 and my vintage necklace that I always wear.  

What do you think...also side note: I know a lot of people have complained or requested my photos be taken from a lower angle and I am trying to come in lower.  My husband takes the pics and he is tall. Also, with my crap camera, I can't get my full outfit without it being a bit higher.


  1. Another terrific look on a gorgeous gal.

  2. You are adorable! Love the sheer, mama! We should have dates and make sure to take each other's outfit pics. Not that I'm not tall, but ya know... =)

  3. I really love the sweater, I like the colors and the pattern. A girl can't go wrong with a little sheer in their outfit or a good pair of black knee high boots. You look super pretty.


  4. I love this outfit. Looks fabulous on you. I have a similar necklace and I just adoooore itttt. ^_^

  5. Pink is a great color on you! Love the post hun!