Saturday, June 30, 2012

OOTD> Urban Mermaid

As you may or may not know I am an official Domino Doll.  I work there and I love it.  So much fun! I have also been lucky enough to see and wear the new collection. Some of my items are samples and some are available for purchase.  Let me just tell you, the Urban Mermaid collection blew my fucking mind.  My favorite pieces are the Maxi (coming soon), the pink floral bustier (doesn't fit :( ), all the skirts (pictured), and the accessories (pictured).  I also love love love my sheer striped chiffon top that is coming soon. Normally, if it doesn't stretch it does not fit my chest, this shirt however fits with room to spare.  Super over sized and super cute.  

My first outfit post I am wearing the top, the vest, the skirt, and the armor necklace.  SO SO obsessed.  My only regret of the outfit it my picture quality, my hair, and the fact that I changed out of my leggings and into bike shorts after the pic.  The leggings are not meant for the

 So, obviously you need to check out and buy the new collection. It is coming out in 3 parts.  Each part is amazing. Check it out at Domino Dollhouse and I can't wait to see how everyone puts their outfits together.  Email me at to show me your pics and tell me about your blog.

Tiff xxoo


  1. Awesome pairing!! Love the skirt:)

  2. I love that skirt, I may need to put that on my shopping list now.