Monday, October 3, 2011

OOTD-photo shoot day

I was booked to do make-up for a photo shoot on Sunday.  Usually when I am doing make-up, I like my make-up to be on point.  So I tried my new NYX glitter palette.  
1. I did a normal black smokey eye.
2. I then took a dark brown and went over the top of the black shadow to give it more of a super dark brown look. 
3. I took the glitter and used it on my eyelid.
4. I contoured the crap out of my face with a brown shadow and then used orange blush.
5. I used my lady gaga for MAC nude lipstick and glass.  

For my outfit, I wore my VERY comfortable Torrid leopard leggings and my VERY comfortable Torrid boots.  I love these boots and leggings so much.  My favorite types of clothes are comfortable but still cute.  I also wore my new Owl fringe top from Torrid.  So basically I was head to toe in Torrid which was not intentional, just how I made my outfit.  The owl shirt is a Torrid size 4 and as you can see, it is quite big.  I love the fit, it can be thrown off the shoulder or pulled down for a little cleavage.  My leggings are a size 3 and boots are a size 11. 

I realize these aren’t the most flattering pictures of me…or should I say my 900 chins, but I am fat…and I have a double chin…deal with it.

 What do you think?


  1. Love it and it all looked much more gawgeous in person.

  2. fab outfit and killer boots!!! You are master of the smokey eye babe! I am seriously taking tips!! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  3. umm, where are the 900 chins??! You have a beautiful face! Beautiful all over, but your face is not a fat person's face. LOL. I have gotten me a fat person fat these past few months, so I think I need to chew lot's of gum and exercise my 900 chins.

    You look fab! Which boots are those? The Karas? (I work in the Torrid shoe department.)

  4. i love your look & style and i would like you for a casting. it's for a major brand, shoots in LA in mid-november. email me at and i'll send you all the details. thanks!

  5. This outfit is freaking amazing!! I love it!!

  6. LOVEEE the eye makeup!!! Wish I could do my makeup like that!!