Saturday, October 29, 2011

OOTD>Did someone say glitter?

The other night I had so much fun at the ninja betty andthe nunchix show.  It was at a very fun club in West Hollywood called Club Eleven.  As most of you all know, one of my favorite things in this world are glitter and sequins. It just so happens that it is also the nunchix favorite thing.  So naturally, I was head to toe in sequins.  I wore one of my favorite thrift shop items, a sequin blue ombre puff sleeve jacket. I LOVE this jacket.  I was about 50 pounds heavier the last time I wore it, so it was a bit big and boxy but like Gisela Ramirez says…Fuck Flattering. I also wore my sequin black top I purchased at an outdoor outlet in England, my torrid sequin mini and knee high boots (for comfort). 

This show was amazeballs and for those girls and boys that haven’t checked out the nunchix, you need to.  Stop what you are doing and check them out.  

Starting with the Fabulous Joy Nash from Fat Rant
Bethany from the Nunchix
Natalie from the Nunchix
And finally the worst pic of me ever


  1. You ladies look great!!!

  2. What a great jacket!!!!Love love love!

  3. Love the jacket
    xoxo vmje

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  4. Your jacket is fabulous. What a great find!