Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OOTD>Lacey Gal and The Big Boob Edition

Once again, I am head to toe in Torrid.  It wasn’t planned, I just love Torrid.  I love lace and I love combining more than one type of lace item at a time.  I wore my torrid bodycon skirt that I purchased for less than $10.00 on their super clearance and of course my over the knee boots.  I generally don’t wear high heels. I am a super klutz when it comes to high heel wearing, not to mention I like being comfortable. 

Oufit Details:

Torrid Skirt 3
Torrid Boots 11

Every plus size girl has a different body shape. I am a top heavy plus size girl.  Well, I am big all over especially big in my bust.  Having big boobs is quite the challenge in the fashion world.  First and foremost, I have a HORRIBLE back and because of my bad back, I rarely ever wear high heels it just exacerbates things. I also lose a lot of my shape in pictures or baggy clothes because my breasts take up so much of my torso length. So unless I wear something skin tight you can’t really see my waist or curves. Which leads me to my next point, I really can’t wear anything skin tight because I look like a giant slut bag…not a good slut bag either, the kind that makes you uncomfortable being around.  Finally, having big breasts makes shopping very hard for me.  I wanted to create a list of things special shopping tips for all my fellow big breasted ladies.

·         As a rule of thumb, I generally don’t buy anything over the internet that does not have some stretch to it.  Generally, if it stretches it will have a better chance of fitting.
·         I don’t purchase many button up things.  Having gaping holes in between the buttons is really visually unpleasing unless you are about to do a porn.
·         I don’t purchase anything that is super high cut in the neck.  It isn’t very flattering having a lot of material from your breast to your neck.
·         I can’t wear anything with a built in bra or cups.  This isn’t really that much of an issue but for a while there it seemed like everything had these built in bra type things in the top.  Companies base the cup size off of an average, so if your breasts are bigger than average, it either won’t fit or you will be spilling out of it. 
·         Halter tops are normally a no go for me as well. When I wear a halter I feel like my neck is going to collapse.  Having the weight of my boobs wrapped around my neck seems like some sort of medieval torture device.

This is merely just some things that I take into consideration when I shop.  Being plus sized, there are not a whole lot of stores that I can just go into and try things on, so I online shop quite a bit.  Every BODY is different and every girl knows what works for them.  One of the greatest things about fashion is you can march to the beat of your own drum.  You don’t have to follow any rules.  You do what makes you feel great.  I know how frustrating it can be being plus size.  I struggle with body acceptance EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It is very difficult to love your body when society as a whole seems to hate it and tell you it’s wrong. I have to remind myself daily that I am beautiful and that just because I am fat doesn’t change that.

I wanted to show these pictures of myself because it is my body and part of accepting it is not hiding it.  I have stretch marks, fat arms, a big belly, big breasts, a big butt, big legs, and multiple chins. Take a moment every day and LOVE YOUR BODY.     


  1. Great job, Tiff. This is your best article to date. I admire you for writing this to help others in similar circumstances. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hi, I'm a new reader. I came to you via Diamonds n Pearls and I read every post of yours a couple of nights ago.

    Firstly, you are absolutely gorgeous. Seeing your posts made me want to stop beating myself up for not being a twig. We all have our moments of self-doubt and our insecurities. It's hard to feel right in a world that constantly tells us we're wrong. I'm getting married next year and everyone expects me to lose weight for it, but they can get stuffed.

    Keep on being you :)

  3. you look gorgeous! love this post thanks for all the great advice! i love that top on you you look gorgeous!


  4. I have loved Torrid for many years, but a lot of the things I get from Torrid are a little too much and not very high quality.. I just wore a black lace sweater the other day I've only worn once and it started coming apart at the seams... I like to stand out and be different.. don't get me wrong.. I have a lot of Torrid clothes.. but my new love is eloquii the new plus size line from The Limited... I feel like it's more high fashion.. and less teeny bopper.. I've been feeling like a plus size fashion goddess in eloquii

  5. I forgot to mention that you do look fabulous in this outfit though!!!

  6. Gorgeous outfit! I love lace too, that top and those leggings are so cute! :) Great message at the end of the post, plus size girls are beautiful too! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  7. beautiful. well written, such a pretty girl.


  8. I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but I have to say it anyway: THANK YOU!! You are a DIVA in every sense of the word, and promote such an awesome body image for anyone who isn't "average sized". Its such a common, but sad, misconception that big girls are slobs/gross, etc...people don't take the time to see how fabulous we really are, but thanks to people like you, things like this help!
    By the way, I appreciate this post more than the others- as a fellow ample chested girl, I COMPLETELY feel that entire list and couldn't agree more! Well done!

  9. What an inspiring post. You are so right.


  10. I used to have larger breasts(I guess they still are large) But having a child made them SHRINK two full sizes. Who knew?

    However, when I find a top I love with buttons up the front I sew a straight stitch up the button placket with matching thread, so there is no gaping. Works like a charm!