Friday, December 17, 2010

Fall on the mind

Fall is one of my favorite fashion seasons.  I love layers and warm colors.  Yesterday, I went to a dinner charity event. I wore my target denim mens shirt, a boyfriend tee from target, black nylons, a black tutu skirt, and my grey wedges from torrid.  This for me was a very blank canvas to pump up the make up and wear an indian inspired necklace from Macys.

For my make up I used the following:

I love the Belightful and how it highlights your face.  It gives you a glowing affect.  Lately I have been experimenting more and more with shading my face.  In picture 2 you can see that I applied a little bit of the Laguna right above my eyebrow. Eventually I am going to upload some videos of make-up application.  I have some great tricks for slimming the face, pumping up the lips, and adding some quick drama to the eyes. :)

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