Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Kitty All Grown Up

First off, I know the struggle it can be for a bigger girl to get cute rings that fit our fingers.  I have an alternative that might help you find rings that fit and aren’t uncomfortable! I have pictured some hello kitty hair clips.  What you would want to do is find a hair elastic and wrap it around your finger…or cut it and then tie it…and then simply clip the hair clip to the elastic.  Presto! You now have a cute ring.

 Sadly, I have fell into the guilty pleasure of loving Hello Kitty.  Torrid thankfully is offering some cute Hello Kitty accessories and Hello Kitty clothing.  I am not one to just settle on a t-shirt.  I have come up with an outfit that I call, “Hello Kitty All Grown Up”.  One of my favorite new items is a sequin blazer. It is a great addition to any plus size girl’s wardrobe.  The blazer can turn a t-shirt and a pair of jeans into a glam night out at a club.  In addition, any body type can rock this outfit.  Finally an outfit that will let Hello Kitty get into any 21+ club ;)

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