Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singing in the rain

It may only be in California...well maybe Japan...where you go out to celebrate Christmas by eating sushi. My best friend Tamara and I, and a few others went for sushi dinner and then looked at some glorious Xmas lights.  California also has been having some crazy weather,  major rain.  I felt like my outfit is one I would have worn while I was living in Boston.  The entire outfit are pieces I have picked up from Torrid over the years.  I think girls sometimes don't realize that when you are wearing a dress, it doesn't always have to be worn as a dress.  I wore my hot pink plaid dress from torrid and threw on a tunic dress from torrid over the top. With the help of my sequin belt, I was able to shorten the black dress into a top, and shorten the plaid dress into more of a mini skirt.  I wore a pair of my favorite torrid boots and tied in the leather from the boots in with my leather blazer from torrid.  I also had this great hot pink sequin beret that was a key find at Kohls.  

I see a lot of questions about plus size boots. I had a big fear of buying them myself in the beginning and now I have about 12 pairs.  My best advice is to "just try them on". They differ from pair to pair.  I have a pair of torrid over the knee boots and I need a small army to help assist me put them on but the boots I have pictured above would fit a calf about twice my size. 
I decided to keep my make-up in the pink family and pretty basic.  I used one of my favorite new palettes by Urban decay.  

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